Designed and manufactured by John Bedini and based on John Bedini's Linear Amplifier Charging technology, the Linear Amplifier Regulator is the ultimate device to convert radiant energy into pure DC.

As demonstrated in Energy From The Vacuum® DVD 37 and at the Bedini-Lindemann 2014 Science & Technology Conference, when connected to the output of a Bedini SG Energizer the large comparator will convert the high-voltage radiant energy to a high-current radiant pulse which is proven to rejuvenate sulfated batteries and keep new batteries in top condition.

The linear amplifier regulator can be used on single coil Bedini SG Energizers. Includes connection diagram.

NOTE: The linear amplifier regulator is assembled, potted and fully tested before shipping. It is fitted with standard anti-piracy techniques and is not shipped with a schematic diagram. As this is an experimental device, it does not carry any warranty and there are no user serviceable parts.