In 1927, Walter Russell presented to 1,000 of the world's top scientists his book “The Universal One,” A book that took seven years to write.

In it he laid bare the amazing secrets of nature that man had sought for through centuries of patient research and tireless experiment. In the charts, for example, Russell showed how man can produce nature's elements in exactly the way nature itself produces them. He made known to the world in 1927 the existence of two radioactive elements which have become the basis of atomic energy, and in 1929 the two hydrogen isotopes which have become the basis of heavy water and the H-bomb.

Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Thomas Watson (then-President of IBM) and numerous other luminaries studied with Russell, and Tesla opined that the work was so advanced that it needed to be “locked up for 1,000 years as mankind was not ready for it.”

Coached by an enigmatic and renegade Intelligence agent, John Bedini studied Russell's works, and initially applied it to his quest to give his Hi-Fi business a competitive advantage in the industry in the '80s. After exhaustive experimentation on the bench, John was producing “crystals” with bizarre acoustic properties that were also gating in energy from the vacuum™ that he harnessed for amplification purposes.

In this DVD, following on from the introduction he gave us in the DVD “Petrovoltaics,” John Bedini step by step retraces the application of Russell's knowledge to his production of his unique “power crystals.” These Tom Bearden refers to as Prigogine crystals, after the late Nobelist physicist Ilya Prigogine, who was comfortable with the concept of extraction of energy from the vacuum™.

Bedini also shows how gold, rubies and silver were often the unwitting byproduct of his transmutation experiments, results that for the most part can be predicted from Russell's science.

This DVD helps clear up one of the biggest “mysteries” of all time. How did the alchemists create gold? And from what?