The TX-10A12HD Battery Charger is an exclusive to TeslagenX.

Last Spring, TeslagenX asked John Bedini if he would design an exclusive line of SCR chargers for us. John designed a completely new analog version of his famous SCR rejuvenators.

This charger is once again capable of rejuvenating batteries and is 5 times larger than the TX-2A12 and can charge starter batteries and up to group 31 deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries.

Also, this charger uses 12AWG cables to minimize losses, send more energy to the batteries and also allows for better voltage regulation. To further protect your investment, this exclusive charger has additional overload protection. Others may say their chargers are the same, but they are NOT. These enhanced features of the SCR charger/rejuvenator are exclusively available from TeslagenX.

NOTE: This charger uses John Bedini's analog SCR technology and can be used to rejuvenate sulphated batteries.