Tom Bearden's most comprehensive exposition of the uses and abuses of scalar electromagnetics. The product of both deep military experience and penetrating insight into advanced physics, this book presents its frightening conclusions in a hard-hitting style. A disturbing new area of psychoenergetics—mind wars—that completely overturns the strategic landscape came to Tom Bearden's attention a few years ago. Realizing the dreadful implications, he immediately prepared a secret briefing for the leader of the only nation capable of possibly countering this new menace to humanity's survival. A must-read for everyone interested in humanity's future and the United States' survival—equally essential for military, scientific, strategic planners and politicians. Weather engineering, freezing time, precursor robot wars, the nature of mind, artificial life, mind conversion, EM disease propagation—all are explained in this tour-de-force. It's not sci-fi, but what is really happening today—vital information you won't find anywhere else!

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54 full-color pages

over 100 illustrations

11" x 8.5"

Spiral Bound