“This is probably the most revolutionary tape that has ever been made.”

These are the words of John Cejka, considered by some to be one of the premier experts on free energy systems during his lifetime, and who, before his death, donated this tape to John Bedini.

During this two-hour video and together with the late scientist Dr. Jan Merta, Cejka and Merta provide the narration as the filmed demonstration of one device after another challenges belief.

One of the fifty or so attendees, Dr. Merta is shown investigating the devices on-site, in French-speaking Montreal, where the 1985 filming took place at an extraordinary meeting of the Association of Psychic Phenomena in Montreal, sponsored by the Association of Professional Psychologists, and chaired by Dr. Gaston Brosseau, head of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Department of Psychology. Also in attendance was well known author Christopher Bird, together with Dr. Bernard Grad, noted paranormal researcher from McGill University in Montreal.

But the star of the show is a young man who—clinically diagnosed as mentally handicapped—builds all the devices, mocking electrical science as we know it. For example, how does a remote control device operate by frog eyes? (Yes, eyes of a real, dead, frog!)

In trials without his presence, his boards test with unchanged power results. In both Germany and as an example, Hydro Quebec, the huge, public power company in Quebec is unable to fathom how his power circuits work, even when he builds them in their presence, and on their premises.

Using the alias “Daniel” which he uses for public appearances, the young man puts on a startling performance that shows that there are indeed “more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” to quote William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Your belief in the conventional Cartesian separation of science, mysticism and religion will be severely tested by watching this DVD.

Join Merta and Cejka in their running commentary (sub-titles provided) as they film-the-film off their TV in this digital re-mastering of the original demonstration, while we listen for howls of astonishment from the electronics establishment. And, by the standard of electronic genius demonstrated in this video by this young man (savant?), we are left to wonder how, with the obviously very little we know, we have ventured as far away as we have off this planet .. a very scary thought.