The title says it all.

Heaviside, Lorentz (with a “t”), Lorenz (without a “t”), Dirac, Maxwell, Whittaker, Faraday, and on and on. The contributions of the giants as the field of electrodynamics emerges are all meticulously and entertainingly reviewed with gusto by one of their greatest lifelong students, Tom Bearden.

And reviewed even-handedly and with relish—as each one of their theories is not only analyzed in great detail, but charted for the deficiencies and shortcomings that were concurrently also brought to the table.

This two hour DVD is a must for anyone that has more than a passing interest in the field of electricity, as the ying and the yang are both equally explored, including the buried powerhouse of negative energy. Watch as Tom shows how the new frontiers are pushed out over the course of history, coupled with the sad deficiencies that accompanied this.

This DVD should also be required watching for any casual or professional student of the subject, whether at the High School, Graduate, post-Graduate or Scientific, Industrial or Hobbyist level.

Enjoy watching educator emeritus Tom Bearden at work!