This single sided circuit board is designed for up to 4 Bedini SG circuits. The kit comes with matched transistors, neon bulbs, diodes, resistors and connection terminals and include detailed assembly instructions.

The board is provisioned for heat sinking if running in repulsion mode; it is also useful for positioning the transistors prior to soldering.

Unique features of this board are that holes are provided for diodes so each transistor can charge an individual battery to study branch currents or combined to charge a single battery. Two trigger terminals are provided to allow several boards to be daisy chained together. Also, cutting a single trace on the backside of the board allows two independent circuits of 2 transistors each (this could be useful for fan kit conversions).

The PCB includes the following:

  1. 1 x Circuit Board (PCB)
  2. Complete circuit schematic

The PCB & Heatsinks includes the following:

  1. 1 x Circuit Board (PCB)
  2. 1 x aluminum heat sinks with screws
  3. Complete circuit schematic

The kit includes the following:

  1. 1 x Circuit Board (PCB)
  2. 4 x matched MJL21194 transistors
  3. 4 x transistor thermal pads
  4. 1 x aluminum heat sink with screws
  5. 8 x 1N4007
  6. 4 x 470 ohm 1W resistors
  7. 1 x 12 ohm 10W resistor
  8. 4 x Neon bulbs
  9. 4 x 4.7K ohm 1/4W resistors
  10. Screw terminal blocks to connect coil wires and batteries
  11. Extensive pictorial assembly instructions with parts recommendations and tuning instructions
  12. Complete circuit schematic