Few people know that in the early days of the development of Floyd Sweet's seminal overunity device which was measured as putting out over a million times more power than was input, John Bedini was an integral part of the team. This team initially included Walter Rosenthal, and, later, Tom Bearden, but it was John who in fact built and tested many of the key components for Floyd Sweet, and it was John who sat with Floyd night after night at Sweet's house being tutored by him in the hidden electrodynamics that Gabriel Kron taught Floyd at General Electric.

Here at long last are John Bedini's recollections of that epochal time, and, much more to the point, John's technical analysis of what exactly was going on with the so-called Vacuum Triode Amplifier.

Brilliantly insightful and entertaining as always, this DVD will doubtless serve as a springboard for widespread additional experimentation now that much of the fog, confusion and folklore have been penetratingly destroyed in this DVD by the master who was present as the events unfolded—John Bedini.

And it once again is jolting to be shown that the conceptual roots for this device run through the U.S. Navy in the 1950s all the way back to Nazi Germany.