When an NSA operative tells you “we've never seen it done like that before” you know that he is referring to a breakthrough technology.

And that is exactly what John Bedini shares with us in this DVD, which he released to the public at his 2014 Energy Conference in northern Idaho.

What is the Linear Amplifier Regulator?

As always, John meticulously explains every step of the answer in the circuit diagrams he draws on the board, so you get an intricate and intimate two hour plus schooling in this new technology—available nowhere else.

And after you have watched and studied this two hour plus DVD, which was filmed earlier this year in the Bedini Lab, you too will be in a position to not only answer the Question, but also to build one for yourself—which may well provide you with the way to get off the grid if you are so minded.

This is the latest DVD in this Bedini sub-series, and it has been well worth the wait!

John Bedini explaining everything on the board for the DVD

And on the bench

The Comparator—a key component