This is the classic “fireside chat” with Tom Bearden that you always wanted to have.

Not only that, it is a de facto energy briefing for the incoming Obama administration involving the real new energy, and not the same old tired solutions that are currently being trotted out.

There is no energy source “greener” than tapping into the inexhaustible pollution-free energy from the vacuum™.

Wide ranging in scope as always, Tom proceeds by reviewing his early attempts to resurrect the Moray devices with Henry Moray's son John, before moving on to share details of his long association with the legendary Floyd Sweet.

The discussion then turns to the celebrated anti-gravity experiments, about which Tom spares no details. And of course the use of negative energy—sadly missing from our textbooks—is an ongoing theme throughout the piece.

Of particular interest is Tom's discussion about how Floyd Sweet conditioned his magnets.

This DVD is a must for anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with this emerging “field that is not yet a field” as Tom Bearden so aptly describes it.

And you will once again appreciate Tom's special gift for communication, as he makes you feel like a participant in this intimate dialogue.

Note: three short segments have appeared in previous DVDs, but they are repeated here as they are in their original context and unedited.