In this wide-ranging 1973 interview with the late Chief Engineer Ieuan Thomas filmed by award winning filmmaker Daniel Izzard, he tells the story of the development of the Zero-Fuel Engine System and the Cold Heat Engine. Designex Inc. were a leading aerospace design firm in Toronto at the time, and it was they that developed this Zero-Fuel Engine System for the 12-Ton Silverbug anti-gravity craft being built at AVRO Canada in Toronto under the supervision of the American T. Townsend Brown and with the assistance of some of the Project Paperclip Nazi scientists.

About half the hundred or so engineers on the Designex staff were involved in the design.

William Doyle Jr. writes about the Film: New Prospects for Survival (aka Cold Heat from Canada)

This writer is a Canadian national [DOB 18/03/42 ] who was first introduced to this Subject in September 1957 at fifteen years of age.

In the summer of 1960 (when I was 18) and again in the summer of 1961, (just after AVRO officially shut down) I worked a summer job at Designex as the “office boy” at a time when Designex Limited was the exclusive Design Engineering Services and Contract Personnel Provider to the A. V. Roe Aircraft Manufacturing Company aka AVRO Canada, under an arrangement between Designex owner and president Ieuan Thomas and my late father, who in 1959 became the “exclusive outside financing provider” to Designex Ltd., where he provided the services of a “Factor.”