This is the DVD that finally tells the unvarnished truth about the jewels in the crown of Post-WWII spoils from Nazi Germany.

Six decades of obfuscation are finally stripped away, and the specifics are laid out for all to see.

There is an old axiom that to find the truth, one must follow the money—and who better to tell the truth than the son of the exclusive outside financier to the company that built the Zero-Fuel Engine to power the 12 Ton A.V. Roe Canada Ltd. (AVRO) Silverbug anti-gravity craft?

Not only did William Doyle Jr. work in the Designex office where the work was being done in the 1950s and '60s, but he was also taught the suppressed Tesla sciences by the brilliant expat British scientists who worked with the Operation Paperclip captured Nazis on the AVRO premises. So close was William's relationship that in essence he became the surrogate son of Iuean Thomas, the chief designer and owner of Designex. But because of his ad hoc affiliation he was not bound by any secrecy oaths, so he tells all here.

A friend describes William as "almost a savant,” and in this interview, which runs almost three hours, William charts in encyclopedic detail the true history of the Silverbug antigravity craft, the science involved, and the Zero-Fuel Engine designed for it.

What is shocking is the way William pulls the veil back, not only on the technology, and incidentally, Designex's cold heat weapons development for the U.S., but also on the geopolitical machinations behind the scenes that were also concurrently shaping Post-WWII Europe and the world.

This DVD is essential to all those who seek the real history of the 1950s and '60s—and beyond.

Many dark Post-WWII mysteries come to the light-of-day in this interview.

What were the Foo Fighters?

What happened to one of Germany's Head-Nazis and mass murderer SS General Hans Kammler, his far-advanced flying programs, and who supposedly vanished after Germany's defeat?

How did the Russians get involved?

How were Tesla's papers saved for public release?

And more.

Succinct and compelling, William Doyle Jr. stunningly provides here a briefing that is essential for historians and researchers, science and military personnel seeking enlightenment, UFOlogists, and for especially those elected officials and overseers who are ignorant of the 60 year-old covert free-energy and anti-gravity programs that they are charged with. For them, the proverbial veil of secrecy is off, and for us, a gauntlet is thrown down to pick up where the trail has been lost.