The TeslagenX small comparator is an experimental device as shown in DVD33 that may be used with a radiant input source and cap dump.

This unit is designed to work on a single coil multi-filar SG only, multi coil units are not recommended. It will handle average current pulses of up to 6.0A.

Note: This version is slightly different than shown in DVD 33. You will notice John Bedini says he doesn't like the extra safety circuitry, so this has been removed. We have worked with John to come up with an alternative that still maximizes the output while providing a slight bit of protection from overloading.

*** This is an experimental research device which cannot be warranted! ***


Between the time DVD 33 was recorded and the release of the small comparator, TeslagenX, Inc. was advised the schematic could not to be released. This also means the circuit is fully potted with standard anti-piracy techniques approved by Energenx. If you purchased a small comparator prior to 10 Oct 2013 expecting the schematic and a user serviceable unit, please contact us at

The small comparator features:

  1. 3 LEDs to indicate capacitor charging, dumping and overloaded/overheated condition.
  2. 50V 27000uf capacitor
  3. 2 FETS can handle average current pulses up to 6.0A.
  4. External knob for easy adjustment of the capacitor dump voltage.