Who better than the inventor John Bedini to tell the complete history of what has come to be known as the SG Machine?

The SG being a tag that was applied when schoolgirl (SG) Shawnee Baughman won a Science Fair with the basic circuit several decades ago.

So here it is, except not only does John go back to his early boyhood to trace his efforts to invent and build a unique generator/motor system, but he then shows on the bench and on the board how he painstakingly modified his designs by trial and error over many years, piece by piece, until he arrived at his desired objectives. An apparatus that could produce battery power by charging one or more secondary batteries from a single primary battery.

We then see in this DVD how once the core concepts are all working well on the bench and yielding results, John is able to build various iterations of the circuits based on his fundamentals. Better yet, we get to be personally conducted through his thought processes that generated the design of every aspect of the circuits.

The Bedini SG Machine—explained by its inventor and Patent holder. It doesn't get any more authentic than this!